London Volcano in Oxford


We have had a brilliant week sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm about volcanoes with school groups visiting the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Thank you to everyone who has come by, and to all of the volunteers and staff who have helped out. The fun continues next week – with ‘family friendly’ activities both […]

Friday update – the London Volcano takes shape

With 10 days left to launch, the London Volcano is now taking on its full 3D form, thanks to the wonderful work of Spur Creative. The next stages will be laminating, and then painting.

Building the London Volcano

Quartered volcano

With a little over two weeks to go until launch, the London Volcano is beginning to take shape in a workshop in the Kent countryside. Prop makers Spur Creative have taken on the challenge of turning our tiny scaled model of the Soufrière of St Vincent into the dramatic centrepiece of the London Volcano exhibit. […]

Q&A with Jamie Long: An Introduction to 3D Milling

photo 1

The LondonVolcano takes a whole team of people to make it a reality, and much of the process of creating a volcano for the Natural History Museum began in miniature! Jamie Long explains the process in this question and answer session. Who are you? I’m Jamie Long, the Senior Workshop Technician at the Department of Earth […]

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