London Volcano in Oxford


We have had a brilliant week sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm about volcanoes with school groups visiting the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Thank you to everyone who has come by, and to all of the volunteers and staff who have helped out. The fun continues next week – with ‘family friendly’ activities both […]

London Volcano Review: A Caribbean Perspective

London Volcano erupts! Photo: Holly Leonard

Guest Post from Alia Juman,  Research Assistant at The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. “When you think of the Caribbean, you just think white sand and blue waters, not volcanoes.” This was the most popular refrain I heard throughout the week at the London Volcano exhibition. And the public […]

London Volcano Day 5: Relief, Rebuilding, Recovery, St Vincent 1902 – 1903.

View across Campden Park, 1902

The worst moments of the 1902 eruption were over very quickly, at least as far as the volcano was concerned. But the consequences for St Vincent were longer lasting. The volcano had three more bursts of activity, in mid-May, September and October 1902, and a last gasp in March 1903 when Barbados was once more […]

Explosion of Excitement

Preparing the volcano after overnight rain on Monday. Jon and Holly with brooms, Emilly measuring the safety zone for the bin bang

Today’s guest post is by Emilly Kitching – one of the many volunteers who have helped make London Volcano a success! While being lucky enough to work as a ‘volcanoteer’ for the London Volcano I noticed something amazing. It’s the immense enthusiasm everyone has to learn how, why and what causes stuff to happen in […]

London Volcano Day 3 Update: Wednesday May 7, 1902

By the morning of Wednesday May 7, 1902, the activity of the Soufriere of St Vincent had picked up significantly in intensity. On the afternoon before, May 6, a party of fish sellers had walked from Chateubelair across to Georgetown, passing by the crater. They had reached the summit around noon, and reported feeling the […]

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